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Plastics 4 Life – You Can Help Too

The whole world stands in front of challenge, which scale, size, effect, repercussions are not possible to predict by any mind. No matter how our life will change after coronavirus era we must remember, that life is the biggest and the most precious value and we must do our utmost to protect it.

This way of thinking caused the birth of Plastics 4 Life action initiated by people who understand priceless function of PLASTICS and their importance in life and health rescue of all of us, based on selfless dedication and involvement of thousands of nameless doctors, nurses, paramedics and all medical services. Action, which everybody can join.


Plastics 4 Life it is a national project, which unite suppliers and producers of personal security and hygienic products, who want to support Polish medical service in the fight against coronavirus, disinterestedly and free – to protect life and health of Poles by using plastics – materials of XXI century.

Plastics 4 Life it is an internet platform created specially in order to connect the needs of people, companies, organizations which offer their TOTALLY FREE support from one side for those who need it from all sponsors, donators, partners etc.


  • Provide coordinated support to all those health service units, which need products for medical staff protection against COVID-19,
  • Integrate the whole plastic processing industry (including 3D printing sector) to grand all possible support in the fight against coronavirus,
  • Appreciate and express deep thanks for activities and dedication of people who safe human lives,
  • Change the negative picture of plastics by explaining to the ordinary people their function and values in the everyday life also in case of epidemic threat.


 Action PLASTICS 4 LIFE has been initiated by the company WADIM PLAST in Reguly near Warsaw. The company together with their business and media partners, based on their technical facilities and R&D made moulds and activated production of a few thousands of protective masks (headgears) dedicated for medical service in the whole country.

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Internet Service is a project partner and medial coordinator of the action. IT support is provided by Software House Ideo ( 

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